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British Council

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organisation for educational opportunities and cultural relations.

We are on the ground in six continents and over 100 countries bringing international opportunity to life, every day. Each year we work with millions of people, connecting them with the United Kingdom, sharing our cultures and the UK’s most attractive assets:  English, the Arts, Education and our ways of living and organising society. We have over 75 years experience of doing this.

You can find out more about us and our work here.

The British Council is changing in 2014.  We’re growing our cultural relations work in India, enhancing our network of 9 centres across the country.  We’ll be offering you more than before. You’ll have more opportunity to engage with the UK through the full range of our work in English, Arts, Education and Society.  You’ll be seeing more events, like arts performances, film screenings, and reader groups.  There will be more chances to develop your skills through our series of business and teacher training workshops.  And last but not least, you’ll see more online, including our British Council India Facebook page, and our new online literature and magazine collections.

The joys of good reading.


Remember that feeling when you saw a ‘we are closed’ sign on the front door, the long wait for weekends to end, rushing to the library just a little before closing time, hurriedly picking up the closest book in sight, stocking up before sudden bank holidays? Then there was the crush of the train or the chase of traffic to fight through to get there… Getting a book from the library used to be so demanding. Well, not any more!

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mylibrary is an online library service where books can be ordered from a real time web-enabled catalogue. All you have to do is choose the books you want from the comfort of your home or office and your order will be delivered to you at your doorstep … and we will pick it once you are ready to receive your next delivery!

mylibrary continues reaching out to individuals who are ambitious, keen on having a global perspective and are the potential future leaders of the country on a platform that is relevant to your 21st century lifestyle.

mylibrary gives members access to 85,000 books plus a huge collection of e-books ranging from science to fiction to biographies to media and much more! It is a place that is alive with opportunities and at the same time a place that truly inspires.

Come and belong to mylibrary, an exclusive environment that integrates education with entertainment; provides opportunities across diverse fields and offers all the knowledge, information, and inspiration that one could ever ask!

Our offer:

You’ll see an exciting new range of cultural programmes, including arts events, a reader group, performances, debate and webcasts.  Our new collection will help you access content to open up new professional opportunities through English teaching and learning, enrich your professional life in the Arts, develop new understanding and partnerships related to UK Education, and engage with the Contemporary UK.

Books Collection

Our nine centres in India are a key platform for our cultural relations ambition in South Asia.  Our library collection brings the best of contemporary UK and you’ll have access to books covering our four subject areas of English, Arts, Education and Society.


Our Mumbai centre boasts a collection of over 25,000 print books and 100 audiobooks covering these four subject areas. In addition, you can also access a vast collection of online resources covering a wealth of subject areas, including 80,000 ebooks.


Our exciting plans for 2014 include the launch a new online literature offer, as well as the introduction of a new online collection of the best of UK magazines.

Get access to an enhanced collection 25000 paperbacks collection selected from the UK that will cater to your personal and professional growth requirements. They are all categorised by genre for easy browsing. Our collection includes numerous titles that are simply not available elsewhere in Mumbai. We have renewed our collection to cater to the truly discerning reader – mylibrary will feature a major release of new material

24/7 Accessibility
Unlike conventional libraries, mylibrary is open on all days and across 24 hours. All you need to do is log in to your account and queue a book of your choice. The same will be delivered to your doorstep within 48 hours!

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Your details are safe and secure
www.mylibrary.britishcouncil.org is a VeriSign secured site so you can rest assured that any information you provide is encrypted and cannot be viewed by any third party. When you sign up for membership, your credit card details are not saved on our servers.


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The United Kingdom's International Organisation for Cultural Relations and Educational Opportunities.
A Registered Charity: 209131 (England And Wales) SC037733 (Scotland).

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