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''Julius Caesar''



''Julius Caesar''

by  William Shakespeare

Year 1998
ISBN No. 9781903436219
No.of pages 416
Reviews 3



This edition of one of Shakespeare's best known and most frequently performed plays argues for Julius Caesar as a new kind of political play, a radical departure from contemporary practice, combining fast action and immediacy with compelling rhetorical language, and finding a clear context for its study of tyranny in the last decade of the reign of Elizabeth 1. The richly experimental verse and the complex structure of the play are analysed in depth, and a strong case is made for this to be the first play to be performed at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre.'Daniell's edition is a hefty piece of serious scholarship that makes a genuine contribution.'Eric Rasmussen, University of Nevada at Reno, Shakespeare Survey'This is a stimulating new look at a play which is too often exhibited in a critical museum.' Paul Dean, English Studies


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Julius Caesar's life

Posted by Anonymous on 28/12/2012

Julius Caesar was so happy at the starting of the story with Julio Caesar and Brutus and her wife, he couldn't believe his best friend Brutus would be his greatest rival. He was shocked in the end that even his wife was not with him, and even his own kingdoms army and people also.


Brutus planning

Posted by Anonymous on 28/12/2012

Brutus played a nice game with Julio Caesar being as a friend. He planned so nicely even his wife turned against him and then he was shocked at the end of the story that "I couldn't believe that my best friend is my greatest rival ever i had ever seen. Brutus planned so well that nobody could catch him.


Story of Mr.William Shakespeare

Posted by Anonymous on 28/12/2012

William Shakespeare wrote a number of stories but Julius Caesar was a strategic story how Julius Caesar lost his leadership at the position of king. Brutus was his one of his best friends but he was the most closest friend. he ruined up such a nice game that Julius Caesar could never catch him in this game. He was always a step forward. Brutus never liked Julius Caesar from starting just because he is a king he liked him,in fake. His wife also didn't supported him. The end was sad a little bit but it was a very good story.


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