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Chess: From First Moves to Checkmate



Chess: From First Moves to Checkmate

by  Daniel King

Year 2000
ISBN No. 9780753404478
No.of pages 64
Subject Children, Hobbies
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Chess books - worthy, depressingly dull, visually dire. Well think again! "Chess - From First Moves to Checkmate" completely re-writes the rule book. Rejecting the conventional annotation-heavy approach in favour of good design and artwork, this inspiring title should seduce a huge range of readers from novice to intermediate player. Computer-generated artwork recreates the chessboard, pieces and moves in an original way, providing the perfect guide for the complete beginner. Players are encouraged to improve their play with grade puzzles. A comprehensive reference section includes a full glossary and website details. The book also explores the history of chess. Along with features on the great personalities of chess and awe-inspiring matches, this is a title that should appeal not only to those new to the game but the massed legions of chess players aready out there.


Table of contents

What is chess?; setting up; the pieces; checkmate; checks; material chess; castling - a crucial move; opening the game; forks, pins and skewers; four lethal attacking weapons; smothered mate and the back-rank mate; sacrifice; what is a draw?; pumping wood (training exercises); test positions; the world championship; the greatest Garry Kasparov; the shortest and longest games; madmen and eccentrics; how to cheat at chess; the Russians and chess; computers and chess; man v. machine - the match that shook the world.


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