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Reading Challenge

The Reading Challenge is a massive reading promotion programme for children and young people in the UK. In the Reading Challenge children are challenged to read a range of books and are encouraged to complete the challenge with an exciting range of incentives and activities.


The aim of the challenge is to get children to read a wide variety of books. The challenge inspires children to read for fun, pleasure and personal achievement. It helps them explore new titles by different authors and talk about them with their friends. The element of challenge gives them an incentive to read, and a sense of achievement on finishing them. Whether the child is just beginning to pick up books, or is an avid reader already, the Reading Challenge will fire up their imagination.

How It Works

Every child who joins the challenge reads six books within a span of six-weeks. The child will then participate in some fun activities and complete the challenge. If they complete the challenge successfully, they will receive a certificate at the end.

  • The essence of the Reading Challenge is ‘read a book in a week’.
  • The books are divided into two categories – Younger and Older
  • The younger collection is suitable for children in the age group of 5 to 8 years and the older collection for 9 to 13 years.
  • They can choose the books they want to read from a wide range of books from British Council.
  • There are specially designed workshops and activities for children in the two age groups. The children are encouraged to attend the workshops and activities designed for them.
  • On completion of the challenge they will receive certificates from The Reading Agency - UK and the British Council.
How Can Your School Participate

The Reading Challenge is a great example of how libraries and schools may work together to support reading. It combines introduction to books with interactive activities and creative online element. It’s a simple challenge – children join the challenge, read the books and are rewarded for reading books. But the role of school libraries is very significant; staff and volunteers help children find new books, encourage them to talk about the books they’ve read and give them new reading ideas.


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