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Models in Biology: Mathematics, Statistics and Computing



Models in Biology: Mathematics, Statistics and Computing

by  David Brown

Year 1993
ISBN No. 9780471933229
No.of pages 648
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This text provides an introduction to the use of mathematical models in biology, the statistical techniques for fitting and testing them, and associated computing methods. The properties of models, and methods of fitting and testing, are demonstrated by computer simulation illustrations.


Table of contents

MODELS FOR SINGLE POPULATIONS AND PROCESSES; Deterministic Models of Growth and Decline; Deterministic Genetic Models; Stochastic Models of Genetic, Environmental and Sampling Variation; Structured Stochastic Models: Models with Both Deterministic and Stochastic Elements; Fitting Models: Constants, Straight Lines, Polynomials and Non-Linear Models; BIOLOGICAL COMPARISONS AND DESIGN ISSUES; Statistical Methods for Comparing Biological Populations and Processes; Sampling, Controlling and Measuring the Random and Systematic Variation: Design of Experiments and Surveys; BIOLOGICAL INTERACTIONS; The Mathematics of Interaction; Biochemistry and Physiology; Ecology and Epidemiology; Advanced Model Fitting; ADVANCED TOPICS; Transport and Diffusion; Statistical Analysis of Pattern and Sequence: Temporal and Spatial Series and DNA Sequences; Descriptive Models of Complex Relationships: Multiple Regression and Response Surface Models; Models of the Brain: Neural Networks; GLOSSARY, TABLES, REFERENCES AND INDEX; Mathematical Glossary; Statistical Tables; References; Index.


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